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#1 21-01-2011 00:51:05

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Ape Escape Move

.: Ape Escape Move :.

Type :  Party Game
Date de sortie Française :  9 décembre 2010

Ape Escape's first foray onto the PS3 is a PlayStation Move game. Ape Escape Fury! Fury!  arrives in Japan on December 9, and, like much of the Move launch lineup, it will be budget priced. Perhaps that's a good thing, because I can hardly see Fury! Fury! being fun for too long.

Unlike other entries in the Ape Escape series, the Move title is an on-rails shooter and uses the motion controller to act as both a pointer and virtual net. As you automatically move down a path, you'll collect various monkey power-ups by shooting them. Along the way, you'll also equip a variety of tools, such as a paper fan, to move obstacles out of the way. Eventually, at the end of the path, you'll come to an arena filled with monkeys. Here, you'll attempt to capture the "apes" using the Move as a net.

Monkeys come from all angles, and you must use the X and O buttons to look left and right to spot them all. Depending on a monkey's personality, it may need some coercing to come into your net. Some will naturally rush towards you, and you will have to swing the motion controller at the right moment to capture them. Others can be tricked into coming closer by shooting them. (PETA is likely to disapprove of this tactic!)

The colorful graphics and zany art certainly fit the Ape Escape motif; and the crazy monkey antics, silly props and kooky presentation make it feel like an Ape Escape game. But even the short TGS demo became irritatingly repetitive. Perhaps there's much more to discover, but I'm left with the impression that fans will be disappointed by how simple Fury! Fury! appears to be.

Hébergeur : MegaUpload
Plateforme : Playstation 3
Langue : Japonais
Découpé avec : WinRar
Nombre de fichiers : 2 + 1
Taille des fichiers : 1000 Mo + 280 Mo
Taille totale : 2,23 Go

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#2 26-01-2011 04:33:23

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Re: Ape Escape Move

Impossible de lancer le jeu...
Animation PS Move puis erreur 80010009
PS3 3.55 Meaw Patch Rogero ou Multiman...

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#3 11-02-2011 14:59:49

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Re: Ape Escape Move


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